the TV and radio data factory
for 15 years

Who are we?

Founded in 2007, Mediatree is a French software company
specializing in the transformation of audiovisual content

into structured, usable data.

mediatree team foto Innovant, Durable, Humain

With more than 15 years’ experience,
both in France and abroad,
we have been able to further develop
our offering in line with the different needs
and constraints of our customers.

We develop technical solutions
able to listen, record, index and
analyse audiovisual contents everywhere in the world.

Keywords is our media monitoring
platform that allows you to find
any TV or Radio content with the help
of keywords to meet the needs of strategic monitoring, competitive monitoring, crisis management, notoriety monitoring, content reuse for broadcasts and many others.

Keywords also allows you to find all the advertisements broadcasted on television and radio. Thanks to a 24/7 recording, don’t lose any mention and find everything that happens on the air.

Our solutions support various audiences such as monitoring companies, brands, production companies, journalists, regulatory authorities and advertising agencies and advertisers.

the Mediatree

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