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  • Find all TV and radio content (including advertising)
  • Be alerted every time your keywords are quoted 
  • Reuse all content 

Media Monitoring

Thanks to our search engine, you can easily find all the audiovisual content you need to measure the impact of your actions, those of your competitors and keep yourself informed about the state of your market.

With a coverage of more than 5,000 channels and a retranscription of the entire content, reuse the content for your reports,
documentaries, press reviews, media panorama…

Data report

Number of mentions, channels, date and time of broadcast, chronological evolution of the occurrence of your keywords, transcript of the clip…

We transform this raw data into customised reports to help you easily analyse your media coverage and understand the impact of your communication strategies.



Would you like to obtain subtitles
for your videos?
all of your audiovisual content ?
Use our artificial intelligence  or our transcription agents for a faithful text formatted according to your needs.

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