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Keywords is the automated broadcast monitoring recording platform operated and edited by Mediatree. Designed to quickly find a relevant television or radio coverage by keywords.

This need can be derived from any corporation, State, NGO, Association, Union … whose want to know the media coverage, reputation or the success of a product, service, action or event.

In spite of the massive social network, broadcast media, broadcast satellite, digital terrestrial, cable or analog sources of information are essential and strategic for public authorities, government information, businesses, communication agencies or the media themselves.

Without the necessary training, our intuitive and unique interface allows you to discover and find exactly the right clip at the right time with a simple internet access.

With unique broadcast coverage of more than 5,000 regional, national and international (TV & Radio) channels from the largest to the smallest, every day and all day, you’ll be able to analyze the reach and reputation of your own brand and your products compared to your competitors and not miss any mention.

Receive real-time alerts when one of your keywords is featured on TV and radio to analyze and develop your strategy, report successes, respond to requests, contain crises and alert your teams and customers when they are mentioned.

Once you’ve done your research, you can export all the news clips you need in the best video quality at any time up to 1 year after the original date of the video clip.

Start receiving your TV and radio alerts.