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Panorama Médiatique 2021
Rapport Jeux

Rapport de données 2021
Rapport de données

Saison sportive 20-21
Discover all the audiovisual monitoring datas of major sporting events such as the Champions League in football, the Jeep Élite, Roland Garros or the Tour de France. The media coverage of players and teams.
Panorama Médiatique 2021
Panorama Médiatique

Euro 2020
Find out more about the media coverage of Euro 2020, the players, the teams but also the coaches most mentioned on TV & Radio and much more…
Rapport de données 2020
Le sport à la TV et Radio

Saison 2018/2019
Discover the audiovisual impact of major sporting events such as the Champions League, Roland Garros and the Tour de France.
Rapport de données 2020

Number of mentions, evolution, impact on airlines, on events, on leisure… Discover our weekly reports on the media coverage of the Coronavirus in France since the first speech of President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday 12 March 2020.
Rapport de données 2019
Formule 1

Discover the TV and Radio coverage data we have collected in 2019 for Formula 1 thanks to our audiovisual monitoring platform Keywords

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