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Mediatree brings you technological solutions to transform audiovisual content into usable data

  • 24/7 recording
  • Customized TV & Radio coverage
  • Instant access
  • +2 million hours of indexed content


Our technologies

Mediatree is constantly developing and enriching its offering, adding new technologies and features ready to offer you the best service for all your needs.

Track and analyze the
presence of on-screen
logos in TV content
Automatic detection and
indexing of on-screen text
(foreground or background)
Real-time transcription of
the full content of all the
channels we record 24/7
Evaluate the tone of
mentions to get an idea of
the reactions and emotions
related to a specific topic.
Get a complete database of
all TV and radio
Discover a powerful, easy-
to-use search tool for
exploring TV and radio
Deposit, store and manage
your entire audiovisual
archive in a single,
centralized platform.
We’ll transform your audio
into a faithful, structured
text according to your
needs. Just upload your
files and we’ll take care of
the rest.

Choose your solution

Keywords platform

Our platform allows you to easily search and monitor everything broadcast on TV and radio. All programs and commercials are accessible immediately after broadcast, guaranteeing you complete and instant coverage. 

Custom solution


Need a managed service? Build a business solution? Consulting for a product not yet on the market? 

We put our expertise and experience at your disposal to support your projects.



All the power of our audiovisual data is available as a white label on your own platform or tools. At Mediatree, we develop our own solutions and adapt them to meet your needs. 

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