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Advertising tracking
Logo detection
Text-to-image indexing
Sentiment analysis
Audio transcription
Multimodal search engine
Audiovisual archive

Advertising at your fingertips

Imagine the power of having a complete database of all TV and radio commercials broadcast over the past year! It’s now a reality.

Thanks to our cutting-edge technology, we can automatically locate and index all TV and radio commercials. Our comprehensive archive covers all broadcast content with 1 year of archive, giving you easy access to rich, relevant data.

Optimize your audiovisual intelligence and make the most of your marketing strategies!

Find your logos anywhere on screen

Our powerful artificial intelligence-based logo detection technology allows you to spot, track and analyze the presence of logos on screen when broadcasting TV content.

Our tool analyzes each video frame to accurately detect logos of brands, companies or organizations present in the content.

Get to grips with this tool to optimize your media presence and strengthen your marketing strategy.

As well as instant access to content, you can receive real-time notifications to never be caught off guard and can control your image when a topic that concerns you comes up.

We also provide sentiment analysis on all mentions, so you can understand and analyse the meaning of yours.

Deal with emerging issues All text data displayed on the screen is also indexed.

  Discover our text-to-image indexing technology that automatically detects and indexes all text on screen when broadcasting TV content.

Whether it’s speakers’ names, news headlines, credits in films, series, documentaries, or any other on-screen text, our system automatically and accurately detects it.

Indexed on our Keywords platform, this data is then easily accessible thanks to our powerful multimodal search engine.

Enrich your audiovisual intelligence with text-on-image indexing and discover a new world of opportunities to optimize your strategies and make the most of the textual data present in TV content. and react quickly to controversies.

Analyze the tone of your mentions

Sentiment analysis is a powerful feature for evaluating the tone of the mentions you’re interested in, and gaining valuable insight into audience reactions and the emotions conveyed linked to a specific topic.

Sentiment analysis automatically assesses the tone of mentions and topics broadcast on TV and radio. Our technology is capable of detecting the emotions associated with media content, whether positive, negative or neutral.

We turn audio into text.

Audiovisual transcription is undoubtedly one of Mediatree’s core functions.

The entire content of all the channels we record 24/7 is automatically transcribed in the same language in real time and indexed.

Thus converted into text, all TV and radio content is then available through a multimodal search engine for easy access.

In addition to all audiovisual content, we can also adapt our technologies to transcribe your personal content (audio or video files). Whether it’s your own in-house interviews, meetings or any other audio/video document, our team will deliver a text document tailored to your needs. 

The reference multimodal search engine for the audiovisual industry

  Keywords offers you a powerful, easy-to-use search tool for exploring TV and radio content.

Using keywords, easily find and instantly access TV and radio passages that interest or concern you.

Much more than a simple keyword search engine, Keywords is a powerful tool for controlling your audiovisual watch by uncovering valuable information for your business.

Navigate audiovisual media with ease, save time by finding exactly what you’re looking for, and exploit the full potential of our Keywords platform to propel your media intelligence! 

Centralize and simplify the management of your audiovisual archive. Deposit, store and manage your entire audiovisual archive in a single location, giving you total control over your content, past and present.

Explore the vast universe of your audiovisual content with ease, thanks to an easy-to-access, intuitive interface. Thanks to our advanced solution, you can find everything you need quickly and efficiently, whether for search, reuse or analysis.

Don’t let your audiovisual archives fade into oblivion. Take advantage of the power of our platform to make the most of your audiovisual content. 

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