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for audiovisual content

Keywords also allows
you to…

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For what needs?

Keywords allows you to carry
out a competitive monitoring
and to have a complete visibility on the media coverage of your competitors on television and radio.

Discover and analyse their media plan, the frequency of broadcasting of their spots, what is said about them.
Analyse their sponsoring displays
and react to the media coverage,
even if negative, of your

Monitor the latest trends in your industry to identify opportunities and react to retain or gain market share. Improve the performance of your campaigns and stay on top of competitive actions.

With our real-time alerts, you’ll never be caught off guard when a topic that concerns your brand comes up. Deal with emerging issues and react quickly to controversies.

Brand tracking is the tracking of conversations about your company, your product, your industry by monitoring specific keywords. Listen to your mentions to continuously improve your image and build comprehensive media coverage reports.

Planning your media strategy involves analysing the media presence and advertising pressure of your competitors. Find out when and on which channels to position yourself to best match your market.

Once your strategy is established, monitor the distribution of your advertising campaigns thanks to Keywords. 

As a journalist, documentalist or programme producer, be aware 24 hours a day of what is being said in all audiovisual programmes in order to reuse the content for your programmes, documentaries, articles…

Our solution allows you to have daily access to TV and radio channels, record video clips and extract them on demand in HD quality.Thanks to the search engine, you can find at any time the video extract of the programme or channel you are interested in and its transcript.

Monitor everything that is said and broadcast on TV and radio. Be alerted every time your keywords or content is broadcast to check and regulate if necessary. Control illegal broadcasting of programmes or advertisements with our audio recognition tool and our database accessible at any time.

We give you real time access to the full range of French radio and television channels and the possibility to download HD extracts.

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